Bread in Noordgesig

Bread in Noordgesig

Healers Foundation in partnership with Blessed To Be A Blessing was on Thursday at the Noordgesig Community to share their love with prayer, the Word and bread. The week which was a testimony for the two foundation because just THE previous week, before bread was given out to the people, the team had explained to the people in the community the desire and prayer for sponsorship which could be a little bit of challenge for them to be regular in the supply of bread as usual, so as to avoid them being disappointed. The team went ahead to explain and teach them not to have faith in them but in God.

On Wednesday after the Healers foundation leadership prayer, there was concern within the team for the people because there was yet no fund to buy bread for the next day. To God be the glory within few minutes after the prayer, Evangelist Wayne sent a message that span the team’s spirit, when he said, “Tomorrow the people will be fed”. This testimony was shared with the people the next day during the cause of sharing the bread, explaining to them how God made a way. As a result of this experience the people were asked to stay behind after receiving bread and together they shared the Word, prayed and gave God thanks.

This must be God.

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