About Evangelist Wayne Josias

Evangelist Wayne Josias

Evangelist Wayne Josias was born and raised in a community called Noordgesig into the family of Paul and Sandra Josias with younger siblings Cherylane and Charlene. He matriculated at CJB Senior Secondary here in Johannesburg and continued his educational career at UNISA in the Computer Science Field.

He grew up in an environment plagued with many social and economic challenges, an environment which presented itself with extremely difficult circumstances. In March 2000, after a near suicidal attempt at the age of 20years old, he heard the Lords call for salvation and got saved in that same year.

He joined and became a member of PCI (then JCC), and immediately got involved and active in the cell structure of the church as a driver transporting people to the respective home cells. A few months later, he was elevated to becoming an intern cell leader over 5 church members and within a year grew to the position of cell leader.

Two years later he was appointed zone supervisor overseeing 22 members as the area grew from 22 members to 320 members over 5 years through evangelism.
Observing the fast growth in number and the state of the people, it was necessary and important to initiate a feeding scheme that fed over 300 people every Tuesday as 80% of the members were living below the bread line.

His passion for the lost intensified and after raising 12 cell leaders, 12 intern cell leaders and a successor as zone supervisor, he became involved in the Evangelistic wing of the ministry, actively winning souls going from door to door, mass evangelism, open air services and other means of Evangelism. Shortly after his involvement in the Evangelistic Wing, he was appointed to oversee the Evangelism unit which allowed for more harvesting events, crusades, door to door, open air services and one on one.

In October 2010, he got married to Kim Alicia Josias.

In Apr 2013, Bishop HF Edwards ordained him into the ministry of an Evangelist and stepped into full time ministry and walked away from his career in the Computer Science Field In 2013. Since the ordination, his calling as an Evangelist expanded to different parts of South Africa and countries such as Mozambique, actively taking the message of hope to the nations. In 2015, he was appointed HOD of the Prayer and Intercession ministry.

A deep desire to minister to men led him to start a group called “Brothers of Adullam”. This group grew as men gathered weekly in order to seek the face of the Lord and to discuss the issues men are faced with in a safe and secure environment. He has deep concern to address and deal with the issue of “Absent Fathers” so he began a journey where we created a platform for fathers and sons to address their differences, maintaining the respect for fathers and still creating a platform to reconcile both parties.

In Nov 2016, he was commissioned by Bishop HF Edwards to go into the world to preach the gospel and to fulfill the great commission through the VISION with a MANDATE and a simple MESSAGE saying
“There is hope and healing for the body, soul and spirit because of the finished work of Jesus on the cross of Calvary”.

With a passion for people, a desire to see them reconciled to Jesus and to create a platform to address social issues, he and his wife launched “THE HEALERS FOUNDATION”.