Healers Foundation Day 2 Crusade Records More Converts.

Healers Foundation Day 2 Crusade Records More Converts.

We arrived at the Noordgesig and people were already seated in the tent almost an hour and a half before the event was due to start which was a true testimony that people in this community are hungry for the word but more for a change in their community. After the Praise and Worship session which was a mix of local and international songs. Colbert Sivhada the gospel artist who from a demo had won a Gospel Crown Award took to the stage and blessed the people present.

Evangelist Wayne soon after climbed the stage to deliver the Part 2 of his message which he had started the day before. Part 1 of the message had focused on the shepherd, and the Part 2 was about the sheep. He explained that, to recap, without a shepherd the sheep is lost, has no direction, no protection, no provision nor strength.

He informed all present that the call to host this outreach was beyond money and that even if only one soul got saved it was well worth it as God does not calculate cost when it comes to souls.
He went on to explain the characteristics of a sheep and said they are not built for struggle or hardship and that is why when they are in the fold they must be protected and fed and if they leave the fold they are vulnerable.

He further mentioned that sheep have no natural survival skills and he likened the believer to a sheep and that when they are away from the Lord they are lost and cannot fight nor navigate through deep waters. Sheep are not even able to discern dirty which others have rejected, but the sheep out of desperation will drink the dirty water. He said the best is to cry out to God for help because as a sheep you cannot make it without Him.

He implored the people to seek the only God that is the only one that can fill the void and quench the deep thirst inside the heart of the sheep. He went on to say when sheep are not feeling safe they cannot rest as they know they are always hunted and always under attack.

He closed off by explaining that it is the shepherd that offers protection and direction. Sheep need the shepherd to anoint their head to prevent the mind being affected and being driven crazy and that the Shepherd even if there are a 100 sheep he has, if one is lost he is willing to leave the 99 and go and look for the one because that is how important each and every single soul is to the Lord.

Over 40 new convert was recorded after the altar call.

Story By: T.H.F Media Team



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