Healers Foundation Kicks Off Her Mega Outreach Campaign For 2017.

Healers Foundation Kicks Off Her Mega Outreach Campaign For 2017.

Monday the 3rd of April 2017, will remain an historical day and event in the memory book of the vision given to Evangelist Wayne called Healers Foundation. The day was the first outreach programme to be lunch by the ministry and the vision. The outreach took place in one of the community high School at the west side of Johannesburg called Noordgesig. The people started with a high traffic of the community citizen.

The outreach which took the evangelist and his team 2-3 months of preparation also enjoyed the support of the community leaders, Noordgesig community high School, Pastors and Churches. A community known for its violence and drugs was willing to do anything to see God restores peace to the lives of the children and families.

Many were in attendance from the neighborhoods of the community to witness this epic event whose main objective was to bridge the gap between families and God and in essence to see God deal with social issues such as Drug and Substance Abuse, Absent Fathers and the development of social skills, emotional intelligence and to cultivate the Entrepreneur that is laying dormant within the community irrespective of their different backgrounds, creed, culture, history, gender or part of the community they come from.

There were many artists that had been lined up and judging from the atmosphere backstage, they were all eager and excited to perform for all in attendance in support of the objective of why the outreach was organized.

Evangelist Sean Van Weren delivered the opening address and prayed as the program was declared opened. The worship team took to stage with some praise and worship song as usual, after which a young group of brigade band thrill the congregation with an excellent performance of what they do better.

The guest artist of the day Ayo Solanke, a dynamic and energetic jazz and soul saxophonists was spot on as he worshipped God with his instrument alongside with the band leading the congregation into a high worship moment.

Evangelist Wayne took the offering and used the opportunity to explain the vision of Healers Foundation to everybody present, he also thanked and appreciate all pastors and church leaders present to show their support.

He latter delivered the message for the day where he spoke on the importance of the sheep having a shepherd. The evangelist who took his scripture from the book of Mark 6, said every sheep without a shepherd will always be exposed to the wolves and all kind of environmental danger.

He concluded his teaching by encouraging families in the community to ensure they are planted in a church where they will enjoy the beauty and benefit of a shepherd.

This event was undoubtedly a great success and the purpose for it being organized was in no doubt fulfilled. The testimony of men and women giving their lives to Christ was the important part of the outreach. At least over 35 people gave their lives to Christ and the new convert will be planted into the different churches in the community as part of the vision of Healers Foundation. Praise God.

Story By: T.H.F Media Team

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