Logos Worship Center Host Evangelist Wayne Josias.

Logos Worship Center Host Evangelist Wayne Josias.

On the 2nd of April 2017 Logos Worship Center hosted Evangelist Wayne as the guest speaker for thier two services at the different branches of the ministry. The first service which was held at the Noordgesig community center where the church holds her services started at exactly 8:00am and the second branch of the ministry at 10:00am respectively with the members fully seated waiting to receive the guest speaker.

The guest speaker Evangelist Wayne who came a little late into the first service was immediately introduced to the pulpit by the senior pastor of the Ministry (Bishop Mark Van Rooyen) where he preached on the theme,“YOUR COMMITMENT TO ANOTHER MANS VISION”. In his sermon on both services he spoke to the young generation Pastors to be committed in serving their home churches and see it as a seed because it will later speak for them when they are called to start a work of their own. He picked his sermon from the book of Luke 16:12 “And if ye have not been faithful in that which is another man’s, who shall give you that which is your own?”.

The guest minister who was calm during in his teaching, spoke mainly on the importance of the new generation Pastors having a teachable spirit and rendering their service for the growth of the church they serve in. He made series of examples on his serving days when he was still with the church where he served as an evangelist. He went ahead to share his experience on how he learnt to organize crusades in the process of serving. He also spoke on how he committed his finances into the vision which is not his because he understood the power of service.

He further explains that, the help he is enjoying today is as a result of his commitment and the service he gave towards the vision of where he is coming from. He told the congregation of how God has helped him to start his own vision and the many gifts and commitments received from various people.

He concluded his sermon by encouraging the congregation to be of an assistance and be committed to helping the senior pastor (Bishop Mark Van Rooyen) in the work as members because whatever they sow in the ministry today will speak for them tomorrow.

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