ROMY Van Weren

Romy Van Weren is a young, vibrant ,energetic individual on fire for the Lord. she is a wife and mother of 3 healthy boys aged 18-14-10. Romy enjoys cooking,baking and spending time with family and friends.

Striving to perfection in all aspects personally and professionally is what drives her most. On a day to day. She enjoys good food and drink and a warm crowd of funny people. Now we share on her roll in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Romy with great memorable day for and appreciated her up bringing, experienced her first encounter with God at the age of 13.  Romy grew up in a Christian home falling asleep under the church bench to say a little of her committment.

Her family had fellowship In Newclare Johannesburg. Maranaate Kerk die pinksters. Her Christian background has groomed her tremendously for the work of God. Romy has an uncompromising passion for people, old and young, race and nature. Her Love for God is so intimate, it pyres out through her personality.

Her hearts cry is for the human race to serve God in spirit and in truth. Her task and passion is to love on people, show compassion, comfort and support newly converted and the ones on their way to Christ, her heart bleed’s for the youth as she most  times steps in as mother in a Christ Like manner.

Being a mom in reality in this day and age elevates her love for the young. It is her responsibility to take charge of the child in need, It is planting a seed and believing that the seeds will generate into a harvest of youth on fire for God as they will grow to take the Gospel to the nations preaching it uncompromisingly.

Wisdom is the greatest gift mankind could ask for, Thus bringing Romy down to the older folks. She would always embrace the company of the older folks.

Romy says she has never experienced a dull moment as she has always learn to deal with emotions by separating laughter from tears and to deal with humanity on the whole.

Romy always has her heart and soul filled after her engagement with the senior citizens it is knowledge she takes and runs with. Romy weigh’s up a healthy lifestyle both personally and publically. She is willing and able to learn and do much more, she is open to discussion and appreciates honesty and loyalty.

She is sincerely greatful to the leadership of The Healers Foundation, for giving her the opportunity and a platform  for her to expose and give back to God what he has blessed her with. She will now enhance her passion and embrace it to capacity. She prays and believes  The Healers Foundation will  grow from strength to strength, as people will receive his love through the Foundation

Romy Van Weren


Honesty, integrity and loyalty are the key pillars of our foundation. We believe that every human being deserves a second chance in life irrespective of race, color or creed