Zane Meas: “To heal the Nation we must first heal the family” (Day 3)

Zane Meas: "To heal the Nation we must first heal the family" (Day 3)

The excitement and expectation of another doze of a riveting encounter with the Lord at the “Remember Me” Outreach event hosted by “The Healing Foundation” at Noordgesig, is undeniable as the people trickled in from far and nearby communities.

The opening prayer solely prayed in Afrikaans, which is the main language spoken in the area, rung out like a bell to the neighborhood calling on people to come to the white tent pitched on the grounds of one of the only two schools in the area.

The Praise team opened the day with a folk music style of music, which got everyone up and dancing. After the choir climbed off the stage, the dynamic Minister, Victor Philips, came on stage as he ministered his song “Ek is geanker…” meaning “I am anchored on Jesus” and also sang the theme song for the Outreach which was originally composed by the Music Director of the Outreach Mr Eugene.

Evangelist Wayne sooner introduced the main speaker for the night, a well-known South African TV Actor, Minister Zane Meas, best known for his role as the lead in the early 90’s rugby drama “The Game” and as Jack van Onselen in the soapie Isidingo and until recently as Neville Mentjies, on the Afrikaans soapie 7de Laan.

Not only is Zane a TV actor, he has been on stage as a Minister of song, motivational speake and the author of the book “Daddy come home” which has been translated to Afrikaans and will soon be translated to all South African languages.

This multi-talented man of God, father and husband, had a profound and clear message titled “Man out of Control and God in Control” but the subliminal message was that “people must never underestimate the role of a man in the home”.

Minister Zane walked away from a lucrative career in acting to follow the call of God upon his life which is to deliver a special message to the men and boys of the Nation of South Africa about the importance of fatherhood.

He began his teaching by explaining the difference between a career which is mainly connected to a person’s God given talent and a calling which he said is a mandate from God to make the world a better place. He explained that a calling is like a weight you cannot rid yourself of and yet people have too many excuses on why they cannot follow God’s call upon their lives and commended Evangelist Wayne for heeding to the call on his life.

He told the congregation that fatherhood is the foundation of South Africa irrespective of language or race because fathers are the founders of a family lifestyle and they set the tone for the family. He explained that fatherhood is a universal challenge and the sins of the father are generational, which has led to the many ills in our society today resulting to children growing up in homes led by single mothers. In a statement made by the guest minister in his sermon, he said “The woman can never be able to be both mother and father at the same time and to heal the Nation we must first heal the family”.

He concluded by using the example of a man in Mark 5 who was possessed by demons and afflicted because he lacks the fatherly guidance, but seeing Jesus he cried out for help,which is a clear message that our children today hurt themselves, get involved in drugs and becomes wild due to lack of fatherly guidance because Jesus was a representative of a Father figure in that text.

He asked that single mothers must stop putting too much pressure on their young sons by telling them they are the men in the house, they are not! “You cannot ask a child who has never been led to lead”.

Evangelist Wayne joined the guest Minister on stage as they made alter call to people who have been a product of absent fathers so also the single mothers who have been hurting for years because the fathers are missing to take their position over the children.

Various Pastors present at the meeting were called to assist in praying for all those who answered the altar call, which sadly was quite a number.

One among the many partners of the Healers Foudation (Blessed To Be A Blessing) were on ground to be a blessing as they handed out Vegies packs to as many families they can be a blessing to.

All we can say is what a night, what a message and what an encounter.

Story By:T.H.F Media Team



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